Tomb Mold – The Bottomless Perdition

Band – Tomb Mold

Album – The Bottomless Perdition

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – July 29th, 2016

Label – Blood Harvest Records

Author – Credible

Tomb Mold’s album, The Bottomless Perdition, starts out and finishes on a strong note.  Their sound is that of the march of death coming for you as your time expires here on Earth.  You can feel the hand of oblivion reaching out for you in each of the songs and you can hear the demons calling for the torment of your soul.  It makes for a strong album in my mind.

All of the sounds created by the rhythm of the bass and the beat of the drums show that death comes for us all.  It is a never ending march that will ultimately make you bend to its will.  It brings a strong sense of sorrow and torment.  The guitars added into the mix has more of that emotion of impending doom.  It is as if they were creating the soundtrack for the reaper as he comes for you.  The music is cohesive and works well with each other during each of the songs.  It makes for a good sound and made me want to hear more.

I feel the best element on the album was the vocals.  There was so much gravel in the vocals that I had to empty my shoes at the end of the album.  I swear that at times during the album, there was an actual demon bellowing and coming for my soul.  There is a great deep rumble that is created and it adds to the feelings of despair and eternal torment that you come to expect from a death metal album.

Overall, the album was good.  I liked what I heard, and enjoyed their death metal feel.   I look forward to seeing what they come up with in the future.  Let me know what you think on the Rage and Frustration Facebook page.



Rating:  3/5