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Sutekh Hexen/Hissing – Split LP

Band – Sutekh Hexen/Hissing

Album – Split LP

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Black Metal/Noise//Blackened Death Metal

Release Date – October 6th, 2017

Label – The Flenser

Author – Hayduke X

This split LP, available from The Flenser, features two of the US underground’s nastiest projects. Each contributes one song, with the Sutekh Hexen side coming in at just over thirteen minutes and the Hissing side just short of sixteen. While the two sides are noticeably different, they do make a coherent whole, as both projects reach outside the box for their sound.

Up first, we have Sutekh Hexen from Oakland, California. For this track, the quartet relies on deconstructed atmospheric noise to set the mood. There is some tremolo picked guitar throughout as an undercurrent of ominous cold, but this is really about feedback, reverb and samples. That said, the track is magnificently put together, both gripping and unsettling. There are no blast beats, no fury, no bile, but this is still one of the darkest, most ominous tracks I’ve heard in awhile.

Flip the wax over to find Deserted Veins by the Seattle, Washington based Hissing. They two use noise to great effect, but have it subverted. The noise elements push against the texture of the track the way a caged predator pushes against the bars, relentless in its futile attempt to break free. Hissing goes full bore, blast beat, tremolo picked, ugly riff black/death on this track. The trio sounds rich in bile, full of darkness, and ready to attack.

Recommendation:  Nice pairing. If you like splits, as I do, this one is well worth your time. My preferred side has changed three times in three listens and probably has to do with my initial mood.

Rating:  4/5