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Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

Band – Spectral Voice

Album – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Death Doom

Release Date – October 13th, 2017

Label – Dark Descent Records

Author – Hayduke X

Cavernous, moldy, slime covered, and depraved are all ways to describe Eroded Corridors of Unbeing by Spectral Voice. The five tracks found herein are sonic darkness reaching its tendrils forth to weave their sinew through the corridors of your mind. Darkest unbeing spreads ominously throughout. There is little doubt where the name for the album came from. It is a description of what is left of you after listening. The US quartet takes their time to carve you apart, working away at you psyche with any number of torturous implements, leaving you changed and not knowing how you got there.

Often hard to do well, Spectral Voice mesh death metal and doom metal with complete success. Their method is to take the brutality, the dark riffs and poisonous vocals gurgles of death metal, and to draw them out into their purest, most essential form. This is death metal long form, with doom pacing, methodically drawing closer to you across the wasted landscape of your soul. As they pas each checkpoint, there is nothing left behind but filth and ruin.

Like a voice in the pitch black, Eroded Corridors does have some haunting beauty to it, but then so does the work of certain serial killers. There is an art to the depths of darkness plumbed by Spectral Voice. The band rushes nothing. Each passage breathes allowing an atmosphere of utter hopelessness to develop through the gloom. Riffing, blasting, fetid vocals, chunky bass all work together to crush, envelop, and suffocate.

Recommendation:  This one has long been on repeat. There a good reason so many are talking about it. 

Rating:  4/5