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Oraculum – Always Higher

Band – Oraculum

Album – Always Higher EP

Country of Origin – Chile

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – September 22nd, 2017

Label – Invictus Production

Author – The Metal Evangelist

Chilean metal bands have been around for a long time, but it seems like there is a new crop of them, from multiple genres, hitting the Northern Hemisphere these days.  Oraculum fall into the “cavernous” death metal category with brooding, down-tuned and reverb-soaked riffs that pave the way for the foreboding shout-growled vocals.  There are two original songs plus a Poison cover (the German death/thrash Poison, although “Every Rose has its Thorn” would be an interesting change of pace) on this second EP from Oraculum.  While this release has solid production and decent songs, there is not much here that stands out from the crowd.  There is nothing here that gets me excited for a future full length, which ought to be the goal of such a short release at this point in the band’s career.

Rating:  2.5/5