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Olde – Temple

Band – Olde

Album – Temple

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Doom/Sludge Metal

Release Date – August 11th, 2017

Label – Medusa Crush Recordings

Author – Hayduke X

I love when a band grows. With the release of Temple, Toronto area quintet Olde has become one of those bands. Don’t get me wrong, their earlier work is solid sludge-y doom and worth a listen. It doesn’t however, demand notice. The earlier material is lost a bit in the sea of similar sounds. Temple transcends this by demanding your attention. These seven songs demand your attention. They call to mind Neurosis without being a Neurosis clone. Rather, they are seven long form socio-political, punk rock diatribes draped over a sludge metal superstructure and they are magnificent.

First, let me introduce the main players: Ryan Aubin, drums, Greg Dawson and Chris Hughes, guitars, Cory McCallum, bass, and Doug McLarty, vocals. Musically, the members start by getting a good groove going – Temple is really easy to subconsciously headbang to throughout. The groove is covered with layers of nastiness, not too murky, but a little fuzzy. The fuzz, however, comes across more as sharp spines stabbing and slicing to awaken you out of a stupor. Vocally, McLarty gives a basically clean performance with sides of edge and growl. The effect is very, very pissed off. Lyrically, this is also an angry album. Olde doesn’t seem to have to much in the way of hope or faith. They are a righteous beast awakened and ready to cleanse.

Mid-tempo burning anger? punk rock manifesto vocals? Darkened, sludge-y atmosphere? Check, check, and check. The end result is a quantum leap ahead of the competition. Olde has grown up. Pay attention.

Recommendation:  I love being surprised by a band I thought I knew and I love this album.

Rating:  4.5/5