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NYN – Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt

Band – NYN

Album – Entropy:  Of Chaos and Salt

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Prog/Tech Death

Release Date – August 11th, 2017

Label – Vmbrella  

Reviewer – Credible

The best way I can begin to describe how NYN approaches you in their album Entropy:  Of Chaos and Salt is fast, furious, and heavy. From the time the album starts to the time it finishes you are bombarded with the sounds of what can be described as a chaos that meshes really well together.  There are times it is hard to pay attention to just one aspect of the song, and then there are clear points that were really good at maintaining your focus.  Even when it was hard to focus on just one aspect, the music made sense and created a sound that I really liked.

When listening to the album there are a ton of sounds that are going on, from the driving beat of the drum to the use of a theremin (yeah crazy huh?), there are many aspects of these sounds in the music that make it good to listen to.  You do get a classic death metal feel to their music in their heavy tones, tremolo picking, and aggressive kick drum.  It is what NYN brings to the mix that makes them stand out in my mind.  Through their use of programming they are able to make their sound unique and different.  They keyboards sound synthesized, and the changing tones throughout the songs that create a depth of sound in each track.  Not only do they change their sounds and tones, but there are elements of power metal thrown into the songs.  There are solos from both the guitar and keyboards that make you think of an epic told through the eyes of a hero.  Needless to say, they really earned a chaotic theme in their music through their style and instrument choices.

The vocals are where things change frequently throughout the songs.  The vocals on each track can jump from style to style.  There are moments that there is a strong, gravel-like, low death growl that lead into a transition to something different.  The vocals in the songs transition to a variety of power metal, screams, and even a chant style of singing.  The varied style of vocals will keep your attention and keep you guessing as to what will come next.  One aspect of the vocals that I really liked was how they used their mixing skills to change their voice to an almost robotic and completely synthesized sound.  The synthesized sound adds to the depth of their music by translating the growl into a harmonizing vocal to help you understand the torment in the song.

Overall the album is good.  The only drawback is that sometimes it is a little too chaotic for me.  The sound is good, the vocals are good, and I find the album good to listen to in general.  I say if you are looking for something different here you have found it.  Let me know what you think of the album.  Leave me comments on the album here or on our Facebook page!

Rating:  3/5