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Nekrohowl – Epitome of Morbid

Band – Nekrohowl

Album – Epitome of Morbid

Country of Origin – Bangladesh

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – September 30th, 2017

Label – Self Released/Diabolicurst Productions/Slaughter House Records

Author – The Great Mackintosh

Here is a fact folks. If anyone had suggested to me as a young lad with a head full of Metallica, Megadeth, Death, Celtic Frost etc. that one day a few of my favourite bands would be from the Subcontinent (Or South Asia if you prefer), I probably would have at the  very least laughed at them, or at the very worst given them the old Liverpool Kiss and told them to Fuck Right Off. Fact number two is that time and yes, age, change almost everything.


Down here in Oz, we were pretty limited in what we could get our hands on back in the day. Fast forward twenty odd years and now we have that marvellous invention called the internet in all its glory, bringing with it the ability to connect with so many different people. A curse at times, but a blessing for mine because, without that connectivity, I for one would not be entertaining you with my endless dribble, nor would I have heard of so many great bands and met so many new people (even if it is only in an online sense).


So long story short, through this connectivity I have made many friends who have opened my eyes to the many different scenes all over the world. The Subcontinent certainly has no dearth of up and coming, as well as established artists. Primitiv and Darkrypt spring to mind as only the tip of the proverbial Iceberg and there are many more, but now for the main course – Nekrohowl from Bangladesh.


That this is their debut EP, is quite literally fucking astounding. Displaying the technical ability of a band ten times their age, Nekrohowl jump out of the gates of Hades and go straight for the throat in a brutal and vicious attack that will leave you wondering what the fuck just happened to you. Yes, the intro is going to lull you into a sense of false security, as it did me, but best prepare yourself. Don your armour, gather the younglings near and maybe grab some extra padding just in case.


Vicious, yes I’ve used the word before, is the only way I can describe the battering of the senses you are about to receive. From the vocals to the outright power of this band ferociously caving your noggin in, this is terrific and terrifying all tied up in one little neat blast of unholy brilliance that just goes to show that the more you expand your horizons, the better things can be.


All hail the internet. All hail Nekrohowl! Hopefully they will be benevolent overlords once they wipe the earth clean. Bring on an LP guys. I wait with baited breath.

Recommendation – Although possibly leaning towards a more technical side of Death Metal, why the fuck are you still reading this! Go and get some into you fool!


Rating: 4.5/5