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Neck Of The Woods – The Passenger

Band – Neck of the Woods

Album – The Passenger

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Progressive Death Metal

Release Date – September 15th, 2017

Label – Basick Records

Author – Mannerheim

Beautiful guitar work, head bobbing riffs, and brutal vocals abound on the first full length release by this Vancouver crew. The melodic wonderfulness of “Open Water” is immediately juxtaposed by the anger and frustration in “You’ll Always Look The Same To Me”, and “White Coats” will have you fearing the psych ward and looking over your shoulder for the orderlies that are coming to hunt you down. Every time you think you are feeling the musical groove, they go in the opposite direction, to coerce both shock and elation at where it leads you.


Formed in 2014, Neck of the Woods have been a main staple of the British Columbia metal scene. Their work ethic show on this wonderfully produced and recorded statement. Be on the lookout for great things from them in the future, hopefully attached as a supporting act for some big names.

Recommendation: Worth a purchase, especially to get in early for a blossoming band


Rating: 3.5/5