She Must Burn – Grimoire (Review and Interrogation)

Band – She Must Burn

Album – Grimoire

Country of Origin – UK

Genre – Blackened Core

Release Date – March 3rd, 2017

Label – Artery Records

Author – Deranged D

Nearly, two years after releasing their dark self titled debut EP, She Must Burn out of London, England have been leading the next generation of symphonic black metal. With heavy vocal references from various forms of core, I’d like to personally classify these guys as “symphonic blackened core”. With tight speedy, and aggressive instrumentals, the band are as heavy as they come. Entwining brutality and beauty, with eerie keyboards and unique rhythms, seeming to blend genres with ease. Hard working seems to be lightly worded as they have toured constantly with the likes of Heart if a Coward and Cradle of Filth and have earned a timely pickup with Artery Records.

Now, She Must Burn look to pick up where they left off and more with the March 2017 release of their first full length album “Grimoire.” Right away this album gives you the desired chilling evil vibe you look for in black metal, all while leaving plenty of space for dark melodic and symphonic tones. With great energy and incendiary fretwork, paired with bellowing drums and evil death vocals, this multi-layered band just seems to improve with time. Lyrically, they show there is still some heart beneath all that black and metal. With deep emotional poetry buried within death defying vocals. And with the recent departure of clean vocalist Aimy Miller just as the album was releasing, these guys prove to be unstoppable, setting all distractions aside to tour the United States with Fallujah and Carnifex promoting the release of “Grimoire”.


Recommendation:  For those who like black metal such as Abigail Williams and Dimmu Borgir


Rating: 4.2 Multi-layered metal bliss


She Must Burn Interrogation

Shortly, after taking this review I had the opportunity to take 3 members of She Must Burn hostage on the tour bus for an interrogation. Very nice guys and all around cool people.

“So, this is Deranged D, from Mosh pit Nation, I am here with…”

Daniel Ristic:  Daniel Ristic

Frankie Keating: Frank

Joseph Sinclair: And Joe

DD: From She Must Burn, out on the tour promoting Grimoire. How’s the tour so far??

Daniel: It’s been incredible, it’s been an amazing experience for all of us. I think it was probably everything we imagined it would be and probably more.

Frank: Yeah, for sure. We’re having a great time, great fans, great shows we’ve spent a lot of time with bands we look up to, ya know. Especially like Carnifex, quite a few of us have been listening to them for quite some time now.

Joe: Yeah, yeah.

DD: I personally think you guys kicked ass up there, my first time seeing you…

Joe: Appreciate that my man

Daniel: Thanks so much

Frank: Thank you

DD: So, what are you guys plans coming up?

Daniel: Well, to be honest with you we have to take a little time off to figure that out. I mean we’ve got to figure out our schedules for the rest of the year before we put anything in stone, but for sure we’re gonna be working on more touring and the future of this band. But we’ve been on the road now about 6 weeks so we need to take a bit of a rest just to get ourselves back together.

DD:….get your heads right, do the right thing..

Joe: Absolutely

DD: So, you think definitely some new material coming out?

Daniel: Oh yeah, of course, I think we’re all really eager now as well, because after this record came out we kinda figured ourselves musically out so to speak. So now we’re all really eager to continue doing that and see how far we can take that and make the next thing just bigger and better.

DD: So, what does the name She Must Burn mean to you guys and how did you come up with it?

Daniel: Well, it a reference to witch burning in the UK,or really anywhere in the world where there’s been witch burnings. It’s just one of those that’s really awesome when you hear the crowd chant it. Kinda has a historical vibe about it. But, it also is kind of it speaks about people who have been ostracized, if you think of the politics around witch burning and the ideas around it, it kind of appeals to a lot of people in that way if anyone has ever been exiled, it’s something you can kinda ideologically relate to.

****Joe interrupts***

Joe: I’ll break it down for you, we just thought it sounded cool

DD: Hahaha that’s all that matters when it comes down to it, plus it’s easy to chant!

Daniel: Yeah when everyone is primed up and its chanted properly it’s just an amazing thing to hear

DD: Tell me a little bit of details about your first gig together?

Joe: First show….fuck…we played a show which was local to where I’m from, in south England, so just outside of London. And it was really shit, like, the sound was dreadful, but the room was absolutely packed out to the max. It was pretty live it all kicked off and stuff but the sound was dead, the sound was real bad. And I actually put some powder on my eyebrows, like for makeup or whatnot, but my eyebrows like ran together and like ran down my nose, so i had this V shaped looking thing on my nose haha, yeah it was pretty bad. It was cool still though.

DD: Good reception though?

Joe: Oh for sure

DD: I’m gonna get a fan question in here….

Joe: Do It!!

DD: What was it like being on the road with Cradle of Filth??

Daniel: To be honest with you, it was quite difficult, it was pretty much our first tour, so we were trying to pretend we knew what was going on as much as possible. A few of the guys had toured before, a few hadn’t so we were trying to be a professional as possible, it’s a quite big like deep end thing to be thrown into like that,being our first tour. I personally was quite starstruck, because Dani Filth was a big deal to me when I was growing up, I just found it like, I don’t know, I found it quite difficult to be around him because I didn’t really know what the correct way to behave was. Eventually we got comfortable with it because we were with him everyday, but I remember the feeling of being in the presence of someone you’ve always looked up to,but everyone was just amazing.

DD: He was cool to you and took you under his wing and stuff?

Daniel: He’s a funny individual to be around, he’s been in this business a long time.

Frank:  Great bunch of people though, we had a great time on that tour. It was also my first show with the band as well.

Joe: We had a pretty great orgy as well

DD: Hahahaha, i can imagine it was very bloody!

Joe:Oh yeah it was a bloody mess!

Everyone laughs***

DD: What or who is your biggest non musical influence?

Joe: You mean who do I hate the most?

Daniel: I have a lot of different ones really, like I appreciate various different kinds of philosophers, and I can see how I’ve learned from different ones, anyone can tie into their work in life and how they choose to make decisions and how they choose to represent themselves, that for me is something that always has been in my life. I don’t know about the other guys, that’s a very interesting question actually, glad you said that.

Frank: How about you J?

Joe: I don’t know..something I’m inspired by?

Frank: Like negative reasons that keep you going..

DD: Yeah, negative or positive, like for me and my music writing, I get a lot of from like…shitty relationships and stuff like that

Joe: Yeah, that’s pretty much what the majority of the lyrics are about is that kind of thing, some kind of emotion.

Frank: Yeah definitely, a lifetime of people telling you that you just have to kinda slide in, with the ol’ 9 to 5’s, people don’t live their dreams anymore.It’s not the 80’s anymore, ya know.

Daniel: Being an other is it’s own inspiration as well, and like most people that choose to be a musician, they choose to be an other for a reason, there’s a reason you don’t want to be “normal”, there’s a reason that life is quite unattractive to you, so that’s kind of it’s own inspiration when you try and feel out what that path actually is.

DD: I like that. Let’s get another fan question here, what’s your favorite current listens, what do you listen to the most right now, and what’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Joe: Ugh, guilty pleasure, I like Lily Allen, man haha.

Daniel: Fuck that, aww jesus

Everyone laughs**

Joe: That’s my guilty pleasure man, what can i say? And, I don’t know, I listen to like R&B, which I know is an absolute joke, but I just like it. Current listens….I can’t be honest and say I listen to music that much now.

Daniel: To be honest with you, really on this tour I haven’t had any time to listen to music the same way we would back home, because we are surrounded by music all day. At home I make time to listen to music everyday, but on tour it is different.

DD: Right by the time you get done you’re just ready for the quiet?

Frank: oh yea for sure.

Joe: Right like when I get back on the bus and there is music playing I’m just like NAW

Daniel: There is such a thing as too much.

Joe: We’re not music haters by the way.  We actually do quite like it.

DD: What is your personal favorite song to play from She Must Burn, live?

Daniel: We all have different ones, I really like to do The Misery. It is a really good one just for the drummer. Unfortunately, on this tour we have had to cut because of stage change overs. Usually we are the ones that get hit with having to cut songs because of where we are on the bill.We always end up cutting The Misery for various reason, and it always pisses me off because it is always my favorite one to drum.

Joe: I feel for you man!

Daniel: yea I feel for me too

Frank: For me, on this tour, i would probably say After Death. It has a good bounce to it, they have a whole set to get warmed up, everyone bounces to the last song.

Joe: It has a strong start it comes in pretty hard, like straight away. Gloom I really like, I like the song I don’t even really know if I like to play it live. I just like the song.

DD: What’s this new album mean to you? What’s the biggest message from this album?

Daniel: I don’t think that this is one of those records that was designed to have a message. Rather, it is a record designed to catalog experiences we have had, and it was also a massive bonding experience. That record kind of made the band as it is now. It was the process of us becoming a unit and that’s what you are listening to when you put it on, so  that kind of shaped us this record did.

Joe: We’ve been through a lot of changes since the band started, since we released the E.P. the guys that have been in the band for a long time haven’t had the opportunity to have their input with what this is about effectively so it’s nice that, that’s finally laid to rest.

Daniel: We’ve had so many member changes it was like a learning curve to every one we’ve introduced to this, and understand what this was.

DD: I have mentioned something in the review about this album showing your guy’s growth and experiences.

Daniel:  Yes definitely. That record was growth of us becoming a unit,

Joe: And it’s going to get better as well.  We’re gonna get here man.

DD: I definitely see you carrying the torch for this new wave of what I called “Blackened core”

Frank: Yea?  

Joe: That’s excellent! We’re going to have no issue with that.

DD: What can we expect after this break.  Are we gonna have kinda the same dirty mean record ?

Daniel: We’re going to keep working hard.  I think we are all going to have to sit down together, and really try to idealize some things between us, about what we envision the next record to be.  Once we understand what that is going to be perfectly. I think we don’t plan to think about that until we get home.

Joe: Just as much we’re not going to tell you yet!

DD:  I like the mystery!

Joe: You’ll see!!

DD: This could be different for all of you, but what is your craziest tour story?

Daniel: If I were to be honest with you I can’t tell you that!

Joe: We’d have to make something up that was shit.

Daniel: Just accept that we can’t tell you.

DD: I think that is a better answer than if i could have gotten anyways.

DD: Describe a day in the life as a member of  She Must Burn?

Daniel: It’s a little different at home than on tour. Which one do you mean?

DD: I’ll say post record on tour.

Daniel: We’re all very much individuals.  Everyone would give you quite a different answer. We all have to work hard to do this and make it what it has to be, But we all have different lives so it really depends who you ask. There’s a lot of grind, Everyone is aware that people have  to work damn hard to get this to happen.

Joe: It is what it is.  We really don’t give a fuck.  We are very grateful to everyone that is supportive toward us. We just do it, and enjoy it.  We just really don’t give a shit. It’s not about who we are as a band or who we are as individuals.  It is about the experiences from the people that have been so good to us.

DD: Where do you guys get the best crowd response other than home?

Joe:  Here!

Frank: it’s got to be America!

Joe: Yea America is sick!

Frank: America has been crazy.  It’s fucking sick.

Daniel: London is always fantastic for us though.  We have really awesome fans there.

DD: Tell me about this journey as a band and how it feels to be here now?

Frank: I think J should answer this one he has been there since the beginning!

Joe: Dude, we’re always going to make it happen. There is no question, if you don’t believe in yourself then you are not going to do it. We said when we started the band that we wanted to be here. We want more than this. We are very happy and grateful for what we’ve got here, but we want to go the full stretch.

Back to the fans, The best bit is meeting so many people and us growing with meeting these people, that’s the best thing about it!

DD: So that is what keeps you guys pushing too, is that fan response?

Joe: It is what it is.  When a tour comes through like this it is good for us, You look back to the first day or you look back to the shittier times. We just take it as it comes.

Daniel: It goes from being incredibly surreal to incredibly real, just back and forth. That’s how I really feel to be honest.

Joe: This has been mad this tour.  It has been a long tour man. The longest tour we have done before this has been like two weeks, and that’s only in the U.K. and then we come here and smash six weeks out it’s crazy, but it’s been sick.

Daniel: I think this tour, as well, has taken us to the next level of what we are, because it’s a growing experience and you realize what it accounts for, and you realize what playing every night does to you as a musician, as a band, as a whole. You can see what a band looks like when they’re used to doing tours like this. How it just all becomes a unit, it just all becomes a focused attack. That’s just something you get from doing it time and time again. So, this has been a good thing for us on a lot of levels.

Joe: It’s been amazing, like, we’re all good mates as well, we don’t really have trouble being around each other regularly. It depends how drunk I get.  If I get drunk then everyone’s in trouble, because I get really loose man.

DD: So, final message for the fans out there, anything you wanna put out there?

Frank:Thank you!!

Joe: Thank you!

Daniel: Yeah, thank you so much for supporting us, we hope you understand and appreciate what we’re doing. And we’d love to make that bigger and better for you in the future.

DD: I think I can speak for all the fans here in saying we look forward to seeing you here again. Where is the best place to find info/music/merch or anything on She Must Burn?

Daniel: Probably our Facebook, everything going on happens on our Facebook, we’ve got our own website and stuff, but the one that’s most regularly maintained is our Facebook page, so you can go find all the links to our website there if you want information.

DD: Thanks for fuckin’ having me!

Joe: No, thank you, honestly!

Frank: Love y’all!!

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