Motorowl – Om Generator

Band – Motorowl

Album – Om Generator

Country of Origin – Germany

Genre – Heavy/Doom Metal

Release Date – August 26th, 2016

Label – Century Media Records

Author – Credible

Motorowl has been claimed to have a sound that is “70’s inspired, damn heavy hard rock with a contemporary, gloomy twist.”  Right out of the box, you get these feelings.  There are influences from 70’s heavy metal, like Iron Maiden, and gloom thrown into the mix to make the sound unique and interesting to me.  The album Om Generator is filled with some great feelings of nostalgia and new twists that make for a good album.

Let’s start by talking about the lyrics in the songs.  I find that most of the pieces that were written were wonderful.  When the lyrics come into the songs, you can almost get a power metal feeling, without the lyrics of a power metal song.  There are times that the lyrics sound like an epic, and it gets combined with a heavy metal influence to make a great combination of the two.  Not only where the lyrics clean, but you can hear the singer growl a few times in the songs.  Combining these lyrics with the growl creates a good dynamic with the music on the album.

The music on the album is pleasant to listen to.  There are great sounds coming from the drums that make a true heavy metal sound.  The many different down-beats and crash of the cymbals create a heavy atmosphere to the songs.  It is almost as if they tapped into a video-game and listened to how a final boss battle should sound.  It is a great atmosphere to create.  The bass lines also drive a heavy tone to their music, but add gloom.  They are played low and are allowed to ring.  When Motorowl wants to lose the gloom and bring more of the 70’s feel to their music, the bass speeds up and doesn’t ring but rocks.  When they wanted to bring out the rock, the guitars had some fantastic riffs.  The riffs are sped up for their nostalgic feel of heavy metal, but the real talent is when they slow down the riffs.  When the riffs are slowed down, you still get a heavy feel to the songs, but they add to their gloom twist on heavy metal.  There are great sounds when all of them are combined and make for good listening for heavy metal fans.

Overall, I really liked listening to this album.  It has a gloomy feel, but with wonderful heavy metal guitar riffs.  Dare I say that this album is Great?  I think I will.  This album was great.  Let me know what you think.  Visit the Rage and Frustration Facebook page and give me your two cents.

Rating:  4/5