MI Metal Update 4.4.16

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

4.5 Iron Maiden @ The Palace of Auburn Hills [DET]
4.7 The Plurals/Jeremy Porter and The Tucos/Vibrolas @ Rocky’s Bar and Grill [GR]
4.7 The Contortionist, Monuments, Entheos, Sleepmakeswaves, & Withhold The Blood @ The Stache/Intersection [GR]
4.8 SAVING ABEL @ The Machine Shop [FLT]
4.9 TRAPT wsg: Suppression, Chased by Captives, & Big Bad Wolf @ The Music Factory [BC]
4.9 Underoath Rebirth Tour 2016 @ The Orbit Room [GR]
4.9 Embalmer @ The New Dodge Lounge [DET]
4.9 Cloud Rat / Closet Burner / Social Werq @ Trumbullplex [DET]
4.9 MDC, Deathwish, Final Assault, Cabbageheads & Dead Church @ Sanctuary Detroit [DET]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Iron Maiden

Tuesday 4.5
The Palace
Auburn Hills MI 

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Local Show Coming Fast

Dino Prom

Fundraiser Event
$6-$10 Donation Suggested
Saturday 4.9 (8 PM)
Trumbullplex – Detroit MI

Did You Realize?

Black Sabbath unleashed heavy metal upon the masses Friday the 13th, February 1970 with their self-titled debut album. What you may not know, Tony Iommi quit to join Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath was over before ever having recorded a note. Luckily for metal, he changed his mind. Their first album was recorded and the rest is metal history.

Black Sabbath’s final tour is making a stop in Detroit at DET Energy Music Theatre 8/31

New Releases


(Groove Metal)


Cult of the Empty Grave
(Black/Thrash Metal)

Find all the latest new releases here

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