MI Metal Update 9.11.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

9.12 DORO PESCH with Warlock, Lisa Hurt, Elsie Binx @The Token Lounge [WLD]
9.14 Orphaned Land, Pain, Voodoo KungFu @The Token Lounge [WLD]
9.14 Bayside – 10 Year Anniversary Tour @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
9.15 Tantric, Kira, Six String Heartache, Fires We Started, Prosperity @The Music Factory [BC]
9.15 Decapitated?, Thy Art Is Murder, Fallujah, Ghost Bath @The Intersection [GR]
9.15 Danzig, Corrosion of Conformity, Acid Witch, Mutoid Man @The Fillmore [DET]
9.15 Apocalyptica Plays Metallica By Four Cellos @20 Monroe Live [GR]
9.15 Tony MacAlpine, Felix Martin, Cicrus, Beneath This Facade @The Token Lounge [WLD]
9.15 Dead Cross, Secret Chiefs 3 @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
9.15 Triangulations, Ov Bellum, Shadow People, Absorbed @Whites Bar [SAG]
9.16 16th Annual Hearsefest @Go to Hell, Michigan [HELL]
9.15-16 86 Noodles,The Haulin’ Ellis Band, Marie Claire Jaded Scar, Fate Face Down, The Lucid Furs, Reverend Worm, Augres, Blacktooth Militia, Hokori, Speed Weed, Reclamation Lost, Dead in 5, Cockhorse, Mr Denton, NAGAZI, KRIEGS LEGION, Motörbreath @Bacchus Social Club [MRT]
9.16 Nothing More, Palisades, My Ticket Home, Hell or Highwater @The Intersection [GR]
9.16 Signal the Slaughter, FORCES, 31 Legions, Clarity, Collections, Rotting Luck @Simons After Dark [APK]
9.16 Sins Of Hate, View From The Asylum, JDY Band, Pestilent Age @Maidstone Theatre [YPI]
9.16 Junkyard Horse, Knives Are Quiet, Handsome Attempt, Canvas @Shakespeares Lower Level [KZOO]
9.16 Harry Manback, Bleed the Water, BlackFront Ink @Mulligan’s Pub [GR]
9.17  Vices To Veils, Sleep Waker, Whitelake Band, Amoura, Dead Nerves @Pope’s Pub [MUX]
9.17 Lucius Fox, Laces out, Dan!, Andor, Devils and Blacksheep @Papa Petes [KZOO]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Dead Cross wsg:
Secret Chiefs 3

8 PM Friday 9.15
Saint Andrew’s Hall
Detroit, MI 

Buy “Dead Cross” on Amazon >

Local Show Coming Fast

Signal the Slaughter, 31 Legions, Rotting Luck, FORCES, Clarity, Collections, & Kadellum

$5 ADV / $7 DOS
8 PM Saturday 9.16
Simons After Dark

Allen Park, MI

New Releases


Nuclear Soul
(Stoner Metal)


From Fields Of Fire
(Doom Metal)

The Great Discord

The Rabbit Hole
(Prog Metal)

Find all the latest new releases here

Random Metal Videos

Architects – Doomsday

Buy Song on Amazon

Slayer – War Ensemble

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