MI Metal Update 7.24.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

7.25 The Who @Van Andel Arena [GR]
7.26 SOLD OUT: Melvins, Spotlights @The Pyramid Scheme [GR]
7.27 Heartsick, Sun and Flesh, Gravity, Never Ending, Skylight Heights, Echo Of Silence @Mac’s Bar [LAN]
7.27 Arsonists Get All The Girls, I Set My Friends On Fire!, Kingdom of Giants, West Cliffs, Dead Eyes Always Dreaming, Oceans Beneath Us, Coffin Talk @Papa Petes [KZOO]
7.27 The Melvins @El Club [DET]
7.28 Heartsick, 86 The Evil, Nagazi, Past tense, Sun and flesh, The world I knew @The Music Factory  [BC]
7.28 Citizen Zero, Tripp ‘N’ Dixie, Everyday Ghost @The Machine Shop [FLT]
7.28 Dragsaw, Demise Of The Enthroned, Augres, Archimime, Spooky Bas @Maidstone Theatre [YPI]
7.28 Exegesis, Desiring Dead Flesh, Far Away, Lucius Fox, Of Flesh & Iron @Papa Petes [KZOO]
7.28 Detroit Rocks for D.d.@PJ’s Lager House [DET]
7.28 Bloodclot, Negative Approach, Todd Youth, Castillo, Nick Oliveri @Magic Stick [DET]
7.28 Left Lane Cruiser, Black Cat Bone and Elroy Meltzer @Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill [GR]
7.29 The Revenant, Dagon, The Wizard Union Collective, Disappointed Dad, Alt 60 @Mac’s Bar [LAN]
7.29 Battle Of Bands @The Token Lounge [WLD]
7.29 Neurosis, Converge @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
7.29 A.O.W. MIU Midsummer Nightmare & National Gathering @The Foundry [JKS]
7.29 Melissa Midnite’s Birthday Bash: Devilock, Come Out Fighting, The Johnny Fangers Band @New Dodge Lounge [HMK]
7.29 Lords Of October, Thundergrater, Death Of The Party, Mercy Beach, Crimson Highway @The Machine Shop [FLT]
7.29 The Black, Ugly But Proud, Mound Rd. Engine, Left 4 Dead, Desolation Alley @Diesel Concerts Detroit [CFD]
7.29 Twin Flame, Thomas Gun, Carmel Liburdi @The DAAC [GR]
7.29 Shotgun Mouthpiece, Minus Two, EyeCandy, Palace of the Haunted @Dreamers Blues Bar [MUX]
7.29 Failed Society, Fallacy Era, Reclamation Lost, Parsec @Hamilton St. Pub [SAG]
7.30 Korn, Stone Sour @DTE Energy Music Theatre [CLK]
7.30 Exegesis, Desiring Dead Flesh, Lucid Walk, Krymsyn Grayce @Maidstone Theatre [YPI]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Neurosis & Converge

All Ages
7PM Saturday 7.29

Saint Andrew’s Hall
Detroit, MI 

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Local Show Coming Fast

The Revenant, Dagon, The Wizard Union Collective, Disappointed Dad, & Alt 60

$7 / All Ages 
5PM Saturday 7.29
Mac’s Bar

Lansing, MI

New Releases

Nine Inch Nails

Add Violence
(Industrial Metal)


The Forest Seasons
(Melodic Death Metal)

Decrepit Birth

Axis Mundi
(Tech Death Metal)

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Random Metal Videos

Thy Art Is Murder – The Son Of Misery

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The Haunted – Spark

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