MI Metal Update 7.05.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

7.05 Earth Groans, Hollow Front, Vestigial, Dead Nerves @The Upper Room [GR]
7.05 Starkill @The Token Lounge [WLD]
7.06 RavenEye, Coldville, Product of Society in The Stache @The Intersection [GR]
7.06 Lapdogs, Great Black Night, Perren, Jedidiah Sunflower @The DAAC [GR]
7.07 Morta Skuld, Past Tense, Centenary, Eve’s Blood @Corktown Tavern [DET]
7.07 Augres, M-102, Spirit Week, AcidHawk, Lisa Hurt, Edward Dupas @Maidstone Theatre [YPI]
7.07 King’s X, Tiles @The Magic Bag [FRN]
7.07 Lenore, Beshiba, Those Dirty Thieves, Lenore, Ancient Witch @Louie’s [KZOO]
7.08 Summer Metal Fest 2017 @Ann Arbor [ARB]
7.08 Adelitas Way, Flops Ego, Manafest, The Black Moods, Anchored, Praise The Fallen @The Music Factory [BTC]
7.08 MF INC, Past Tense , Bipolar @The Avenue Cafe [LAN]
7.08 Man Mountain, Shy Low, Dalinian @New Dodge Lounge [HMK]
7.08 The Hubies, State The Odds @The Fresh Palate [ALP]
7.08 Inner Itch, Laurentian tides,The Fabulous Vans @Quinn and Tuites Irish Pub [GR]
7.08 Club 911 // Top of the Rock: Reunion 2 @The Pyramid Scheme [GR]
7.08 Bonehawk, Holy Warheads, Rip VanRipper @Mulligan’s Pub [GR]
7.09 School of Rock: Rock Prom @The Loving Touch [FRN]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Adelitas Way, Flops Ego, Manafest, The Black Moods, Anchored, Praise The Fallen

Saturday 7.08
The Music Factory
Battle Creek, MI 

Buy Adelita’s Way “Getaway” on Amazon >

Local Show Coming Fast

Inner Itch, Laurentian Tides,
& The Fabulous Vans

No Cover 
9 PM Saturday 7.08
Quinn & Tuites Irish Pub

Grand Rapids, MI

New Releases


Till Fjälls del II
(Folk Metal)


Unparalleled Universe
(Death Metal)


Lawless Age
(Black Metal)

Find all the latest new releases here

Random Metal Videos

Suicidal Tendencies – Living For Life

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Morbid Angel – Where the Slime Live

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