MI Metal Update 6.12.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

6.16 Personality Crisis, Paper Lanterns, Smart Alecs, Desiring Dead Flesh, Vehicles At High Speeds @ The Fourth Wall [JKN]
6.16 Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake), Brandon Gibbs (Devil City Angels) @Diesel Concerts Detroit [CFD]
6.16 Red Legs, Narco Debut, LVRS, The Disruption @Mac’s Bar [LAN]
6.17 The Functional Citizens, Desiring Dead Flesh, NMTB, OUTDrejas, Swamp Lord, MICHIGAMAA, Vehicles At High Speeds @Papa Pete’s [KZOO]
6.17 King 810, Gost in The Stache @The Intersection [GR]
6.17 Crampton Bros, Red Legs, Hurry Home @The Token Lounge [WLD]
6.17 Dethrone The Deceiver, Fallacy Era, Signal the Slaughter, Mirrurs, False Tyrant, Vexatious, Clarity @Simons After Dark [APK]
6.17 The Realm Between, Pestilent Age, Fate of Misery, Absorbed @Roadhouse Bar [FLT]
6.17 Dragsaw (album release), Bender @The Ritz Detroit [WRN]
6.17 Oceans Beneath Us, Coffin Talk, Martyr for Madison, Eye Candy, Lacerations @The Music Factory [BC]
6.17 Seventh Son, Sweet Alice, Madman of Ozz, Starchild (tribute bands) @Diesel Concert Lounge [NBL]
6.17 Telekinetic Yeti, Bone Hawk, Drink Their Blood, Chöd @Shakespeares Lower Level [KZOO]
6.17 Powerface, Heartsick, LOA, The Jones Town Crowes (ALS benefit) @The Loft [LAN]
6.17 Rise of Pariah, SXX, BlackFront Ink @Quinn and Tuites Irish Pub [GR]
6.17 My Own Will, Influence, Wreckage @Road Rangers [TYL]
6.17 Black Sabbatical, HanValen @Rubble’s Bar [MTP]
6.17 Chugger, The Bitters, Dollar $tore Death Ray, Fred Thompson Trio @Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill [GR]
6.18 Vehicles At High Speeds, Audrey Burne, Play to the Gallery, Desiring Dead Flesh, Ov Bellum, The Good Die Young, Equinsu Ocha, Jon Lozer Blues, Sloths In A Bucket @Counter Culture [SAG]
6.18 Otep, The Convalescence, Brand Of Julez, Fate of Misery, Beyond N Back @The Token Lounge [WLD]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Otep, The Convalescence, Brand of Julez,
Fate of Misery, & Beyond N Back 

18+ / $15
6 PM Sunday 6.18

The Token Lounge
Westland, MI

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Local Show Coming Fast

Dethrone The Deceiver, Fallacy Era, Signal the Slaughter, Mirrurs, False Tyrant, Vexatious, Clarity

18+ / $5 Adv / $7 DOS 
7 PM Saturday 6.17
Simons After Dark

Allen Park, MI

New Releases

Space Witch

(Stoner Metal)


Trouble Maker


…Of the Dark Light
(Death Metal)

Find all the latest new releases here

Random Metal Videos

Korn – Black Is The Soul

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Dethklok – I Ejaculate Fire

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