MI Metal Update 5.08.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

5.10 Veil of Maya, Spirit Breaker, ScapeGoat, Clarity in The Shelter @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
5.11 Avatar, In Secrecy, Flops Ego  @The Music Factory [BC]
5.11 Coheed and Cambria, Neverendergaibsiv, The Deer Hunter @Royal Oak Music Theatre [ROK]
5.11 Becoming Human, Forces, Silver Age, For We Are Many, Hyporium @Diesel Concerts Detroit [CFD]
5.11 Local H, The Plurals, Luxury Flux @Mac’s Bar [LAN]
5.11 Thunder Chicken, Semi-Casual Bedtime, The War Between @The Pyramid Scheme [GR]
5.12 Amon Amarth, Goatwhore @The Intersection [GR]
5.12 Heartsick U.S., Biffy the Beat Slayer, Life Lost, Of Ashes, Absorbed @The Music Factory [BC]
5.12 Bulletboys, Wayland, Throttle, Most Wanted, Whiskey A Go Go, Stompbox @The Token Lounge [WLD]
5.12 Bong Mountain, Eradicator, Flushed, Coffin Problem @Corner Record Shop [GR]
5.12 Vestigial, Assume Nothing, Sleep Waker, Mandayla @The Pyramid Scheme [GR]
5.12 Hokori, Ov Bellum, Shadow People, Augres @Hamilton St. Pub [SAG]
5.12 Fled Five @log cabin cocktail lounge [GR]
5.12 Dirt Chili, Knives Are Quiet, That’s Blood! @Mulligan’s Pub [GR]
5.13  Illisit, Harlow, Reject the Silence, New Day Revolution, Party life AFC @The Token Lounge [WLD]
5.13 SXX, Alternate Route, Fires We Started @The Music Factory [BC]
5.13 Clutch, The Sword, Lucero @20 Monroe Live [GR]
5.13 Detroit Dio Tribute 2017 (Banned from Hell, Evil Play, Rainbow Rising, Rock n Roll Children, Twisted Witch, Acoustic Hell, The Whiskey Charmers) @The Loving Touch [FRN]
5.13 Devour The Day, Coldville, Graves Crossing @Ground Zero Showroom [TRV]
5.13 Pestilent Age, A Sleepless Malice, Cacophonous Incantation, Bog Wraith @Cascaddan Lounge [MMA]
5.13 The RatRods, SCREW, The Johnny Fangers Band, Foster Muldoon @New Dodge Lounge [HMT]
5.13 Dirty Bourbon River Show @Tip Top Deluxe Bar [GR]
5.13 Sixth Annual World Goth Day 2017 @The Avenue Cafe  [LAN]
5.13 Nagazi, The Outliers, Augres @Rubble’s Bar [MTP]
5.13 Moto, The Sadie Hawkins, The Extra Texture @Mulligan’s Pub [GR]
5.14 Bike Tuff with Irish Handcuffs, Shoebox, 78 Revolutions Per Minute @Tip Top Deluxe Bar [GR]
5.14 Choking Victim, Pure Hiss, J Navarro & The Traitors in The Shelter @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

Amon Amarth & Goatwhore

Friday 5.12
The Intersection
Grand Rapids, MI 

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Local Show Coming Fast

Heartsick, Absorbed, Life Lost,
Biffy the Beat Slayer, & Of Ashes

$8 ADV / $10 DOS All Ages 
7 PM Show Friday 5.12
The Music Factory

Battle Creek, MI

New Releases

The Sword

Greetings From
(Stoner Rock)

God Dethroned

The World’s Ablaze
(Blackened Death Metal)

At The Drive In

N • TER A • LI • A

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Random Metal Videos

Bill & Phil – Dirty Eye

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Lamb of God – Ruin

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