MI Metal Update 3.06.17

Upcoming Shows, New Releases and Other Stuff in Heavy Metal

Upcoming MI Shows

3.07 Carousel Kings, Abandoned By Bears, Get Stoked, Make Your Move, Mileroad Boundaries, Bad Case @The Ritz [DET]
3.07 Architects, Stray From The Path, Make Them Suffer @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
3.08 Polyphia, Jason Richardson, Covet, Iridescence at The Stache @The Intersection [GR]
3.08 Expire, Homewrecker, Cross Me, Spitback, Law @Sanctuary Detroit [DET]
3.08 Otep, The Convalescence, The World Over @The Machine Shop [FLT]
3.09 Polyphia, Jason Richardson, Covet, Natures Garbage at The Shelter @Saint Andrew’s Hall [DET]
3.09 Otep, The Convalescence, G Lethal 9, Eye Remain, Laurentian Tides @The Music Factory [BC]
3.09 Elisium, Glass Houses, Reject the Silence, Typical Divorce @The Ritz [DET]
3.09 Frizzle Fried (Primus Tribute), Hoist (Phish Tribute), Fried Egg Nebula, Rollin’ Zen, & Guest Appearance Konspiracy Kamp @Bell’s Eccentric Caf [KZOO]
3.10 LT.DAN, HELLGHiLLiES, Retrogestion, Hemingers, Rapunzel, The Fuck Boys @Crossroads Pub [YPI]
3.11 Crucible Call it Karma, AngelMaker, Avion Roe, I Set My Friends On Fire @The Ritz [DET]
3.11 Hell Rides North, Broadzilla, Bowdown Detroit HC, Demons Within, Ugly But Proud, CHAOS THEORY, From Blue To Gray, The Worst Of, Spiral Crush, Acoustic Hell @Diesel Concerts Detroit [CFD]
3.11 Wulfhook, Past Tense, Dagon, Cavalcade @Mac’s Bar [LAN]
3.11 Iron Belly, Sins Of Hate, Asylence, Pestilent Age, Beyond N Back @Maidstone Theatre [YPI]
3.11 BoneHawk, OUT, Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts @Bell’s Eccentric Cafe [KZOO]
3.11 Sunday with OZZY ~ Crazy Babies Ozzy Rebourne @Ole Tyme Broadway [BYC]

Show Spotlight

National Show Coming Fast

wsg: The Convalescence & The World Over

Wednesday 3.08
The Machine Shop
Flint, MI 

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Local Show Coming Fast

Matty Rapids (Carey) Remembrance Benefit Show
Joe Parsaca, The Holy Warheads, Old Black, The Bloody Lips, Nighthawk, Epcya, The Feral Frankenstiens

$5 / 21+ 
7 PM Sunday 3.12
Mulligans Pub: The Otherside

Grand Rapids, MI
We will miss you Matty! \m/

New Releases

John 5 and the Creatures

Season of the Witch
(Guitar Shred Metal)

Within The Ruins

Halfway Human


(Melodic Death Metal)

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Random Metal Videos

Fallujah – Abandon

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Cradle Of Filth – Blackest Magick in Practice

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