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Kremlin -Decimation of the Elites

Band – Kremlin

Album – Decimation of the Elites

Country of Origin – Canada

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – November 24th,2017

Label – Godz Ov War Productions

Author – The Great Mackintosh

After doing a review of another band named Kremlin, which in fact turned out to be more like stoner rock I was slightly baffled to say the least. That is not what The Great Mackintosh listens to at all, and although the other band turned out to be pretty good, It was not as they say my cup of tea.


Canada’s Kremlin bring us a dose of brutality that leans very much towards the extremely fucking loud side of the death metal spectrum. Consisting of a bunch of seriously named dudes, whose titles are as follows: Neutron Cannon – Elite Hammer Bashing and Truth Teller. Nuclear Grinder – Strings of Devastation and Silence Breaker, and DetonExecutioner – Wires of Decimation and Scandals Caller. At publishing time the bands Facebook page lists a Lord Disintegrator  – Plutonium Waves instead of the previously mentioned DetonExecutioner so go figure.


You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. Well, I probably could because I am a natural born goose of the highest order, but I tip my hat to these lads for their creativity and dedication to the business of being all deathly and such. Onto the album itself.


Guitar tones and musical stylings are raw and brutal, heading down the path of bands that may rain ammo upon you or at the very least make you die from lack of breath. A wonderous thing because I am quite a fan of this particular side of the whole death scene. Little room for mistaking them for anything else but.


My confusion in finding the right album probably stemmed from a couple of things. Mainly the name. After all Kremlin doesn’t sound very Canadian, but then again nor does The Butthole Surfers sound like they live in your backside. Well, okay, maybe they do, but you get the point.


Add to that the names of our three protagonists, and song titles such as ‘Nuke Them (13 Families)’, ‘Decimation of the Elites’ and ‘Kremlin’ , well you may just forgive me for thinking that they originated somewhere around the old communist bloc. That is unless Canadian wonder boy Justin Trudeau has suddenly transformed his country into some kind of place that likes the colour red a lot.


Hang on a minute, the Canadian flag has a lot of red in it. Maybe these guys are a bunch of commie bastards after all! And yet who cares ha-ha. This is indeed a very solid album that contains all the right stuff to make your day. It may not start a revolution, but heads will certainly roll.

Recommendation: Don’t be confused. These guys bring one hell of a game.

Rating – 4/5