Artist – Jesse Leach

Performance Type – DJ Set

Venue – The Stache

Date – August 05, 2017


A Familiar Face DJ’s The Stache

The lineage of metal and hardcore music was alive and well as Jesse Leach, vocalist of metalcore pioneers Killswitch Engage, hosted a DJ set inside The Stache this past Saturday night.

Anyone who follows Leach across his many social media platforms, knows he is not shy to share his love of music. Usually with a passionate backstory on the artists or albums he is sharing and how they influenced and impacted him on his journey through life.

What does a metal DJ play?

Jesse’s set could be considered an introduction course on metal and hardcore musicspanning across multiple decades and genres. In one instance, you got bludgeoned by the likes of Gojira, before Leach would raise awareness of Aussie grind stalwarts King Parrot. While also showcasing the pioneers of the genre with fierce headbanging during Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest tunes (and just about everything in between).

While the emergence of metal artist doing guest “DJ” gigs seems to be all the rage, I have to say this was an interesting event to attend. There was no guise of Jesse wanting to venture into DJ’ing in the vein of an EDM artist (Skrillex comes to mind, having fronted post hardcore band From First To Last before embarking into the electronic music realm).

No, this felt more like something you would’ve encountered in “Heavy Metal Parking Lot”. People congregated in small groups, drinks in hand, chatting about bands being played and memories associated with them, while some of their favorite metal songs were being cranked over the PA. Even some moshing was going on, much to the delight of Leach.

A Message of Metal Unity

Like his banter during a Killswitch set, Jesse’s message was of community and love for a scene that has shaped and supported him for so long, and encouraging others to be an active part of the local music scene.


While the expectations were fairly low for me going into this, I have to say I walked away having a lot of fun and was reminded constantly why I love this genre of music and its various subcultures.

Dean Martian and Grimebag set the tone for the rest of the evening with sets that featured an equally impressive range of songs played.

Monday night had Jesse playing at Ann Arbor night club, Necto, for Factory Night. WIth Leach pulling out a goth/industrial set for the evening. So, if you were around the area and checked it out, let us know what you thought of the show!