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Humanity’s End – Between Life and Death

Band – Humanity’s End
Album – Between Life and Death
Country of Origin – USA
Genre – Death Metal
Release Date – December 31st, 2017
Label – Independent
Author – The Great Mackintosh

I am, and have always been a fan of death metal that rolls along nicely and kicks your rear end with a delivery of punishing power and brutal delivery. The sort of shit that you can just kick back with, have a beer and make your neighbours suffer. When I first read the name of this band, I must say, I thought ‘oh god it’s gonna be deathcore, or some sort of core’ and thus, I took a while to have a listen.

My fears were unfounded as a matter of fact. First, because they didn’t call themselves ‘In Humanity’s End’, which would have been a dead give away. Second, because they are a lovely little collection of all the things that are right and good in death metal.

HM-2 soaked madness? Check
Grindy slow bits mixed with sheer unadulterated fury ? Check
Moments that remind you of past bands? Check
Vicious growling hate spewing vocals? Check
Played with integrity and passion? Check

I am of the opinion that someone needs to hand Humanity’s End a very large cheque to make their next album. This is what we all ask for in death metal, and for a debut is yet again proof that, although the golden age may have passed for the stubborn amongst you, death metal is alive and kicking… Death, alive ha-ha. Funny fucker I am.

Yep, the biggest compliment I can give this band is that they have moments of sounding like one of the greatest bands ever. Bolt Thrower. I would have no problem with listening to this all day. In the end, Humanity’s End are continuing a legacy of great death metal, and they should be praised for doing so. Instant fan right here. Give us more I say.

Recommendation: All hail Humanity’s End for they hold the key to the future!

Rating: 4/5