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Heikki Hautala & Hyvaet Veljet – Rauha ja harmonia

Band – Heikki Hautala & Hyvaet Veljet

Album – Rauha ja harmonia

Country of Origin – Finland

Genre – Rock

Release Date – January 19th, 2018

Label – Ektro/Future Lunch

Author – Mannerheim

This latest project from Blind Spot frontman and Finnish punk pioneer Heikki Hautala has him shedding his heavier roots for a more traditional rock mix. Backed by the band Hyvaet Veljet, the arrangements have a mellow tone as the beautiful, dancing lyrics flow and bounce through the blend of blues, country, and folk moods of what the band is laying down. The album is abundant with sparse musical composition and blasts of some of the dirtiest, grittiest guitar riffs east of the Gulf of Bothnia.


Sung completely in Suomi, I can attest that one does not need to know the language to appreciate the art. In fact, the lyrical content, with all meaning and understanding stripped away, just becomes another layer of melody that soothes and satisfies in a way that they would not if sung in English. Heikki is known for his apocalyptic lyric writing, so I guess it may be worth doing more research on the message he is trying to present. Thank goodness for Google translate! Overall, very well recorded and quite enjoyable. This is another coffee shop album for me, as in if I worked at a coffee shop this would be playing.

Recommendation – Listen to the track Valitilassa. If it does not catch your fancy, move on.


Rating – 4/5