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H2SO4 – British Bangala Testament

Band – H2SO4

Album – British Bangla Testament

Country of Origin – Bangladesh

Genre – Thrash Metal

Release Date – October 28th, 2017

Label – God’s Eye Production

Author – The Great Mackintosh

Odd title for an EP, but it has meaning, so before I revert to my usual ranting idiocy, I will try my best to explain. Without going into too much detail, it has to do with the treatment of the Bengali people under the rule of the British back in the day.


This is something I can and do understand being of Scottish blood. The British may well have a lot to answer for, as do many a people on this big wide planet. Recognition of the past is what makes us all understand more, if we so care to listen.


Anyway, what’s the first thing that will grab your eye from this title. I’m waiting so hurry the fuck up..


Still waiting. Oh, hang on. The dude at the back with his hand up! Tell me, you clown, or forever hold your peace! It’s the fucking Testament thing isn’t it. Thrash band…Testament…I see where you are going.


Guess what fuckface, you MAY be onto something. The thrash thing anyway. This is exactly what you thought it may be…thrash. Yes, they remind me of the earlier days of such metal as Exodus, Heathen, Kreator, and well fuck it, Testament.


Is it worthy of such high praise? Yes. Is it worthy of your time? Double hell yes. In more factuality, if the lead singer doesn’t sound a bit like a younger Mille Petrozza, I will gladly eat my own words, but you will be sadly missing out if you focus on the past with this one.


The past is gone, the New Testament has been written, and H2S04 are here bringing us their own chemistry.  Four songs of the finest Thrash Metal ever written.


Those with a background in Chemistry will surely understand. At four songs long, this is one very well produced element on the more caustic side of things.


Recommendation: Sulphuric and Acidic. Thrashy as all hell. Get on it or miss out.



Rating: 4/5