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Exalter – Persecution Automated

Band – Exalter

Album – Persecution Automated

Country of Origin – Bangladesh

Genre – Thrash

Release Date – January 28th, 2018

Label – Transcending Obscurity Records

Author – The Great Mackintosh

I started listening to metal a long time ago. Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, the usual stuff that you heard when you where a kid of my time. Loved it all, and still do, but it was the thrash metal movement that changed my whole view on everything. I was particularly entranced by the German scene with bands like Destruction and Kreator, and of course Sodom, who though weren’t strictly a thrash band to start with, began leaning more heavily to that side around the Agent Orange period.

That sound, those riffs, I could not get enough of it. Times have changed, and indeed my listening habits have followed, but one thing is for sure. When I hear a great riff from a thrash band my ears prick up and I listen with great interest to see if the band on offer has enough thrash in them to make me want to stay the course.

The great news here is that Exalter have not only the ability to make you bend an ear, they will keep you listening and revisiting time and time again. So many time changes and fat arsed passages of music in fact, that I am at a loss to describe it without mentioning a band or two, and this is to no detriment to our friends here from Bangladesh.

They do have moments of sounding a bit like Sodom around the Agent Orange time. They also have moments of sounding a bit like Evile. The cover art is very reminiscent of times gone by, but don’t let any of this fool you. Exalter bring the thrash and they bring it so damn well that I challenge any thrash lover to disagree.

This is one excellent release, Ten songs of tight riffery and barking vocals that will have you banging that head and reaching for your high top sneakers. You might want to bring your patch vest along as well. Regardless of the fact that they may sound a little familiar, Exalter deliver on all levels. High praise they deserve. They have captured the pure essence of what thrash is all about.

Bang that head that does not bang. I’m sure that was relevant once. It is again.

Recommendation: Thrash ‘til death.Then get up and thrash some more!


Rating: 4/5