Eggs of Gomorrh – Rot Prophet

Band – Eggs of Gomorrh

Album – Rot Prophet

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Genre – War Metal

Release Date – November 4th, 2016

Label – Vault of Dried Bones

Author – Hayduke X

Sometimes all you have to give the world is guttural oblivion.  November 9th was a tough morning for me (and tougher for many others) here in the United States.  It was also the morning I first listened to this filthy, bilious album.  The sounds are just a wash of annihilation, furious and unrepentant.  There is no hope, only brutality, no light, only darkness, no vision for the future, only the void.

Eggs of Gomorrh have been around since 2011.  There was apparently a demo released at some point and lots of live shows perfecting their craft, but this is the trio’s official debut.  Goatperv_ gives us maniacal drums, bent on punishing the listeners ears bloody.  Aamon.XVZ8 provides swirling downtuned guitar work, defiantly destructive, excessively unmusical.  B.N.G.V. roars at us through the microphone.  There is some sense that actual vocals exist, but no chance of understanding what they are.  The grunts and growls are pure viciousness.  The savagery of Rot Prophet gives us much to consider.  We are invited to examine the most putrid layers of depravity, presented with vileness personified, and tainted forever by chaotic filth.

Recommendation:  Be warned.  This one is extreme and extremely well done.

Rating:  4/5