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Downcast Twilight – Under the Wings of the Aquila

Band – Downcast Twilight

Album – Under the Wings of the Aquila

Country of Origin – UK

Genre – Folk Metal/Melodic Death Metal

Release Date – April 7th, 2016

Label – Stygian Crypt Productions

Author – Hayduke X

Though they hail from England, Downcast Twilight do a great job of sounding like they belong in Gothenburg, Sweden. Melodic death metal is the order of the day. Generally not my favorite style, but this six-piece project do a solid job with the style. Upon this foundation, the band uses folk flourishes, including a violin, to round out the sound. The resulting album is well made, has solid production, without going over the top, yet still falls a little short for me.

Up first, let’s talk about the positive, which does outweigh the negative overall. The drums and bass combine to form a solid rhythmic platform for the rest to build upon. This basis is important so that the songs don’t meander away into convoluted nothingness. Vocals are earnest and understandable with a light growl to them. As the overall feel of the album is more mystical than heavy, this is a good fit. The guitars stay home and do a workman-like job of intertwining with other instruments to provide a sinuous sound. The Red Queen, which closes the album, is an excellent song. Here, a woman steps in and provides clean vocals with a beautiful voice. To me, this fits better what the band has going on instrumentally, and therefore the track tops the rest.

In terms of negatives, I think this is mostly about personal taste. I don’t like a lot of melodic death metal. I’m not a huge fan of folk elements, generally speaking. This is an unlikely album for me to enjoy. And yet, I do enjoy it. I don’t think it likely that this will become everyday fare, but if certainly has some draw. I expect this to become one of those albums that feels right for certain moods, those moods where I need something a little mellower.

Recommendation:  A solid album from a style I don’t often enjoy.

Rating:  3/5