Death Requisite – Second Death

Band – Death Requisite

Album – Second Death

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Death Metal

Release Date – August 20th, 2013

Label – Independent

Author – The Metal Evangelist

Sarasota, Florida-based Death Requisite offer up a 20+ minute EP of symphonic-blackened death metal that shows a lot of promise for their future.  Keys stand out right away with some Dimmu Borgir styled flourishes. The keyboards are out front in the songs, right there in tow with the heavy guitar riffs.  They also give a sense of ominous dread at times on the title track.  Varied vocal deliveries between deathly roars and blackened snarls keeps things interesting over these 3 songs.  Track 2 “Eternal Immortal” has some nice melodic guitar work that finally steals the spotlight from the keyboards.  Track 3 “Refuge of Lies” starts with some killer tremolo-picked riffs before giving way to more melodic territory, then hits with a heavy groove riff followed by a blistering guitar solo, and then more sinister-sounding keys.  Something for everyone on this track, probably my favorite of the 3 non-instrumental songs.  The drumming throughout the EP is competently executed with plenty of double bass, but not overly memorable.  The EP ends with a somewhat forgettable ambient-sounding instrumental.  These songs are well-composed and interesting which should lead to repeat listens.  This release is a few years old, but well worth your time if you enjoy extreme metal with keys adding to the experience.

Rating:  3/5