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Convocation – Scars Across

Band – Convocation

Album – Scars Across

Country of Origin – Finland

Genre – Death Doom

Release Date – March 30th, 2018

Label – Everlasting Spew Records

Author – Hayduke X

So, in order to explain where I’m coming from with some of my upcoming statements, I need to give you some context on my listening habits. I like my music aggressive and fast, at least for long stretches of it. Two of my favorite genres are crust and grind. Death doom is generally a little slow for my tastes. There is some that I’ve enjoyed – Tennessee monsters Loss come to mind – but for the most part, it’s not a genre I’ve explored. I can’t say I know the style or it’s roots all that well.  Keep that in mind in the following paragraphs.

Scars Across is, without a doubt, the best death doom album I’ve ever heard. Convocation has fashioned a true masterpiece on their first try. From the very first note, I was entirely drawn into the sonic world created by this Finnish duo, with my mind turning it visual. The mood created is majestically suffocating. Whether riffs, percussion, keyboards, or a variety of vocal styles, every decision about composition and placement is perfect. The ringing tones bleed emotion. Such beautiful hopelessness is conveyed.

MN (vocals) and LL (everything else) can’t go wrong on this album. Though the pacing is slower than I’m used to, Scars Across still moves ominously forward with a life of its own. The duo take you on a journey through the ashes of humanity and make you fall entirely in love with what you are witnessing. Never before has a band so entirely conveyed the exquisiteness of apocalyptic destruction, the majesty of decay, the honor of the void.

Recommendation:  Perfection that will eternally haunt your dreams.

Rating:  5/5