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Calligram – Askesis

Band – Calligram

Album – Askesis

Country of Origin – UK/Italy/Brazil/France

Genre – Blackened Hardcore

Release Date – November 24th, 2017

Label – Basick Records

Author – Hayduke X

Sometimes you are just in the mood to burn things down. Life takes some swings at you and you are ready to swing back. There you stand, fists raised, bouncing on the balls of your feet, a gallon of gas in the trunk, and matches in your pocket. The real question then becomes, what are you going to listen to at this moment. Well, I have the answer for you! Askesis, the latest release by UK-based band Calligram. The six tracks found herein absolutely reek of fury. This is a no holds barred, broken beer bottle, fighting dirty kind of fight soundtrack. In fact, if you listen while in a good mood, you may suddenly find yourself prone to a fit of violence.

The particular combination that promotes this consists of a variety of factors. Ardo Cotones (drums) has his hand firmly on the speed lever, thrusting forward with serious double-bass attacks, dodging and weaving to keep out of range, all with the intent of keeping the listener off balance for a longer beat-down. Smittens uses his bass guitar to send elephants galloping up and down your spine. Bruno Polotto and Tim Desbos wield their axes as if they were real axes. Violent, blackened riffs land precise attacks to your psyche, slicing sanity in pieces. Finally, vocalist Matteo Rizzardo screams rage and bile into the microphone. You’ll want to strike that match.

Blackened hardcore has been a recent trend. Such visionaries as Celeste and Rorcal terrorize us with their take on the style. With their second release being even stronger than their first, I feel it safe to add Calligram to this list. Tune in and listen to this incendiary album.

Recommendation:  No sophomore slump here.

Rating:  4/5