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Blood Hunter – The End of Faith

Band – Blood Hunter

Album – The End of Faith

Country of Origin – Spain

Genre – Melodic Death Metal

Release Date – October 14th, 2017

Label – Xtreem Music

Author – The Great Mackintosh

Melodeath: never has such a juxtaposition of genres been more profound with a band such as this. Unlike fellow bands who tend to flirt around the edges, Spain’s Bloodhunter are showing us on this release a slightly heavier kind of Melodeath.


How you say? Well, by showing us the vast differences that can and will occur when you decide that you will, and can, do whatever you so please.


Melodic, yes. Death Metal, yes. Some of the more Melodic passages are truly a wonder to behold, but for mine, their strength lies in the sheer bloody brutality of the Death side. Twiddly diddly guitar parts aside, acoustic pleasantry aside, look the fuck out. These guys bring a bigger axe to the fight than the one you thought would do the job. A very well talented machine.


Indeed they have sharpened said axe so well that, at times, it’s almost feels like your head is on the chopping block waiting for the axe to fall.


Your pathetic existence that is your life will flash before your eyes as you stare deep into the basket that shall soon be the new home of your head. I kid you not.


Funny fact too, the Vocalist is named Diva Satanica. See, I didn’t realise on the first few spins that, ‘Well, duh. It’s a woman singing!’ Nothing wrong with that until you take into account the absolute BEAST of a voice she possesses.


Some people may have flirted with the edge. Bloodhunter are about to push them off. If Melodeath is your thing, you’d be an idiot to miss this. But be prepared, because this leans more to the nastier than the nice.

Recommendation: If turning up the Death, whilst still keeping the Melodic side of things sounds like fun to you, just fucking listen. If you are disappointed be it on your own head.

Rating:  4/5