Behind the Sun – Post Solis

Band – Behind the Sun

Album – Post Solis

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Progressive Metal

Release Date – March 10th, 2017

Label – Independent

Author – BingGan

On their debut release, the EP Post Solis, North Carolina’s Behind the Sun deliver a blistering five songs full of the heavy riffs, rhythmic shifts, and choral ensembles of growl not unknown in the prog side of death metal.  The molten guitar work is engaging, the rhythm section is tight, and there are enough sonic transformations–piano and strings on the shorter “Scrawlings of the Architect,” or the funky guitar at the beginning of “Periapsis”–to leaven the mix.  Still, it seems the songs might stick in memory a little longer if there were more melody to cling to.  With a lot of musical ideas–from pounding to pondering–one can’t help wishing for a melodic vocal line to lead the spirit of the proceedings, a technique the band only employs at the beginning of the last song, “Laniakea”–leaving a little more to be desired.

Rating:  3/5