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Pakasteet – Pula

Band – Pakasteet

Album – Pula

Country of Origin – Finland

Genre – Ambient Noise

Release Date – December 8th, 2017

Label – Ektro/Ruton Music

Author – Mannerheim

Shrieking sirens, blaring guitar blasts, and long drones have you enthralled from the beginning. This is truly an example of music as an art form, an avant-garde art piece at that. One can try to guess the direction the music is headed, but then you get side swiped just trying to figure out how long that chord is going to be held with seemingly no change or purpose to it. Then, add in the sound of someone destroying your mother’s kitchen.


No matter how weird this may make you feel at times, you will still be unable to not bob your head to the beat. As a matter of fact, this is one thudding, continuous, bass track away from quite possibly being the best industrial EDM out there. And the fact that the artists themselves did not mix it to be club friendly just goes to show that they believe in their art as craft.

Recommendation- This is another late night coffee shop album.


Rating- 3.75/5