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american – Violate and Control

Band – american


Album – Violate And Control


Country of Origin – USA


Release Date – June 23rd, 2017


Label – Sentient Ruin


Author – JDecker
The Sentient Ruin discography is essential listening, first and foremost.


For fans of all genres of metal music that each color well outside the lines, for people into “noise” who are concerned about their mental health as a result, for industrial music fans who also know the term “musique concrete”, for gabber technoids dabbling in speedcore and frenchcore and all that, for neofolk friends, for ambient dillholes.


Sentient Ruin.


Beyond that, we are specifically talking about this record from the entity known simply as american.


“Violate And Control” is a mastermind of a record aimed at mental disembowelment. Inncorporating elements, sounds, styles, and methods from all of the aforemetioned scenes and leanings – thrown into one borderline insane band – american manage to craft a genre of metal-centric sound that is, prior to now, never known before.


An audiohorrorlove story, “Violate And Control” is an exercise of the former, the central, and the latter. In one sonic novel.




Each three represented in relation to the others, as well as standing on their own. In the sonic smorgasboard mentioned above. Really.


Where Violate=record, &=&, Control=listener.


Violate =/= Listener.
Listener =/= Violate.
Violate = Violate.
Listener = Listener.


The math adds up, trust me.


This is probably THE album of the first half of 2017. Let’s see what the last half has for us…

Rating:  5/5