Abyssic – A Winter’s Tale

Band – Abyssic

Album – A Winter’s Tale

Country of Origin – Norway

Genre – Symphonic Death Doom

Release Date – February 26th, 2016

Label – Osmose Productions

Author – Credible

Oh it is good to be back listening to metal. After quite a long spell without Rage and Frustration, I went through a withdrawal. But now we are back and in full swing ready for more metal and more reviews! For my first review back, I took a listen to A Winter’s Tale by Abyssic. A Winter’s Tale is a great melding of symphonic doom and death metal. Each song has its own aura that really makes you feel the piece of music, rather than only hearing it. The symphonic instruments in the background do not just linger there, but are a main focal point to the songs. They create wonderful undertones to the music and really convey their idea behind the songs. If you have never heard of this band, you should, and let this album help you get to know them.

Every song on the album is true to the name that is given. Each song feels as if they were written for a purpose, to move the theme and feel of the album forward.  With help from the symphonic undertones, the guitar playing of Elvorn and Asgeir Mickelson creates their doom metal sound within the music. The sound of the strings creates a chilling undertone for most of their songs. It is as if they are playing a requiem for your soul as your body is lowered into the ground. To go along with these feelings of death and repose, the icy undertone creates a feeling as if your fate is rapidly approaching and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The strings are not the only instruments creating impending doom in the music. The guitar playing adds to the feeling and is incredibly solid. I think I could listen to them play all day. Their power chords in the songs add to the feelings of bringing about the end of all, or your eternal fate so to speak. It is a very heavy sound for me, as if an avalanche is about to hit you and there is nothing you can do to stop it from taking you under its cold embrace. Their riffs combined with the power chords, also create a dread feeling and help you to embrace your cold and bitter end. When the guitars are accompanied by the drums (Played by Asgeir Mickelson as well) the avalanche builds. The sound of the drums brings about feelings of a glacier marching and carving a path through the rocks leaving destruction in its wake. When the bass playing of both Memnock and Andre Aaslie are added to the mix, you really get the total package from a doom metal band. For me, it was almost like these instruments were creating a type of poetry between all of the elements in the band revolving around both cold and doom.

Death metal overtones abound throughout, mixing with the Doom pacing and heavy feel.  Memnock and Andre both are wonderful death metal singers. Both singers have a death growl that brutalizes your eardrums. Their growls compliment the icy feelings the drums created. You can sense the gravel of their voices grinding you apart, as if the rocks are crumbling and falling down to the Earth, as mountains bend to the will of a glacier. Combine their great growl with the guitars behind them, and you have a great metal band!

Overall the album is great. I really enjoyed listening to every song. Abyssic puts a great feel to each of their songs and creates a wonderful sound between metal and symphony. It is worth it to buy this and listen to it. Better yet, just buy it and you will have no regrets!


Overall Score: 4.5/5