Band – Temple of Perdition

Album – Homage to the Dead

Country of Origin – USA/Finland

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – May 13, 2019

Label – Vision of God Records

Author – Ivan Gossage (Chief Administrator, Order ov the Black Arts)


From the arid expanses of modern secularism and canonical corruption arrives Homage To The Dead, the latest EP from US/international melodic black/death acolyte Temple of Perdition. Riding the wake of the commanding Tetragrammaton LP (2018) and harnessing a distinct religiocritical motif, these hymns come forth saturated in warm, but hard ecclesiastical aesthetics. The opening intro track, “Betrayal of Eve”, features chilling clean and infernal voices, narrating the tragic fall from grace over choirs and celestial instrumentation. My personal highlight track, “Mstr hchvshm” (“Master of Sheep”) sees epic guitars, bass, and orchestration cascade from upon high over solid percussion as the scathing vocals take aim at the decadent and materialistic agendas of the modern church, accentuated by operatic female cleans, voice samples, and deep chanting choirs. The final track, “Homage to the Dead”, heads to doomier territory, rich with grandiose, cathedralic movements before concluding in a breathtaking outro of repetitious melody, dual vocals, and charging tempo with glorious blistering double kick. Short but divine, Homage To The Dead emotes both a venomous condemnation of decadent messianic exploitation, as well as a transcendent nod towards ego-dissolution and ascension. Absolutely recommended. Check out the new music video for “Homage to the Dead”, and the EP available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (check out Tetragrammaton too for that matter, a unique and impressive gatefold LP is still available on Bandcamp!).

For fans of the most recent offerings from: Rotting Christ, Behemoth, Mephorash, and Schammasch

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