Band – Irae

Album – Lurking In The Depths

Country of Origin – Portugal

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – June 26, 2020

Label – Signal Rex

Author – Michael Litteral


This is my third Portuguese review in a row. And let me tell you, I am not upset about that in the slightest. I hope in my past reviews, I’ve expressed how good this scene really is and how much of an impact they have made on my musical tastes. A scene that is new to me for the most part, and will forever stick around as a favorite of mine. This time around I was given Irae’s newest effort, Lurking In The Depths. According to their page on The Metal Archives, this is their fifth full length album and thirty sixth release over all with tons of demos and splits released since 2003. Yes, you read that right, thirty six! That goes without saying that Vulturius, the sole mastermind behind this project, is always working hard on releasing new music and adding depth to his resume. Not including the countless other project he’s a part of. A proud member of The Black Circle of Portugal, he returns with his first full length since 2017. 


Lurking In The Depths starts off with a dense fog for the first minute. It’s very unclear of where you’re headed. Then all of a sudden pvre black metal fills the air and you are welcomed by everything that we love about this music. Nice black and bleak riffs, supporting drums, and vocals haunt the area as you make your way through the forest. The sound of anger and evil has never felt so comfortable nor inviting. Welcome to your new personalized torture chamber where you will willingly return to in ironic joy. For people who are new to The Black Circle, you will immediately be reminded as to why Irae belongs within the ranks. Nowadays, black metal has a vast amount of outlets and sounds that can be categorized as such, but for those who don’t want to push those boundaries and want to be reminded of how black metal is supposed to sound, then this album will be a perfect fit for you.


With full length albums to not be as common as his demos or splits, you imagine that this album has to be held to a certain standard, which it indeed is. I enjoy Irae’s work and vision within the black metal realm and this release continues the excellence and gives us more of what we know and love from Vulturius. One thing that sticks out to me with this release is the sound of the overall production. Everything is audible but it still carries the raw atmosphere that too many people think should be a requirement within the genre. Drums are perfectly mic’d up, as you can hear every tom and cymbal used, to give the music depth, and to show that Vulturius knows what he’s doing in every aspect of his creation. Vulturius is a for sure example of someone who can truly say he’s a multi-instrumentalist. That’s one thing that can be a hit or miss with some people when it comes to one-man bands. Sometimes the project lacks precision in different areas of the music. Whether it’s the riffs, or drumming, or the atmosphere of the combination, sometimes it doesn’t mesh well. But with Irae, and this album specifically, you will find no complaints, as he knows how to create memorable music with all of the instruments that is used and this album should satisfy you long enough for newer material to be released.


Lurking The Depths will be released on June 26th, 2020 through the prolific Signal Rex. Make sure to give both Irae and Signal Rex a like on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming news. Also, the first single “Ratazanas” is uploaded on Signal Rex’s YouTube channel to give you a taste of what is to come. If you enjoy it, make sure to show support and buy the album!




Biography:  Michael Litteral is just your friendly neighborhood metalhead who can’t seem to find his way out of the black and he’s just fine with that.