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Goatpenis – Anesthetic Vapor

Band – Goatpenis

Album – Anesthetic Vapor

Country of Origin – Brazil

Genre – Black/Death Metal

Release Date – October 15th, 2017

Label – Nuclear War Now! Productions

Author – Hayduke X

By my count, Anesthetic Vapors is the sixth full length release by the Brazilian trio Goatpenis, who have been spreading their brand of hatred since 1988 (though under a different name for the first three years). This release brings us waves of attacking riffs that absolutely obliterate the listener with their fury, though they fall a little short of either bestial black metal or war metal. Instead Anesthetic Vapors takes us up to those lines with it’s blend of black and death metal, but never crosses them. Flesh is rent. Pulverizing explosions disintegrate the sanity of all who dare listen. And yet, there is a hidden beauty, as if there is some atmospheric black metal element, though sped up, distorted, and made to serve an entirely evil purpose.

This particular incarnation features Sabbaoth, who has been there since 1991, the beginning of the Goatpenis name, on guitar, vocals, and bass. Since 2004, Virrugus Apocalli has handled guitar duties. Finally, relative newcomer MGM.666 has hammered the skins since 2016. The viciousness with which each handles their duties is readily apparent, though it becomes difficult to separate to talk about each individually, except on a surface level. That’s because this is one of those cases where the parts are indeed greater than the sum of the whole. The interweaving guitar parts of Sabbaoth and Apocalli blend and meld into a morass of sentient evil that is supported by the rock solid bass lines of Sabboath, given a feral will for destruction by Sabbaoth’s vocals, and given motive power by the blasting, hammering, and merciless rhythms of MGM.666.

The sounds of Goatpenis on Anesthetic Vapors become a living being, attacking the psyche of the listener, turning them into an instrument of destruction at the hands of these Brazilian masters. All is terror. All is hatred. All is war. I find myself completely drawn into the album every time I listen. Once hooked, I’m transported into a near physically journey of darkness. Goatpenis have created an exceptional masterpiece in the world of extreme metal.

Recommendation:  I was completely caught off guard by this one.  Endless war! Get it!

Rating:  5/5