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Hexis – XII

This particular release is compact and vicious, a concentrated hit of nastiness for when you need a quick fix.

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Apotheon – Mechanically Consumed

I think its also fair to predict, though, that I will continue to pull this album out when a certain mood hits me. It is undeniably intelligent and well done and deserves recognition as such.

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Spit/Bad Human Split

These are sparse composition reliant on emotion and passion, with anger being the primary. Make know mistake though, when you’ve had a tough day and just need to come home, vent, and flail for awhile, this is exactly what you want.

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Primitive Man Live at the New Dodge Lounge

Rage and Frustration Heavy Metal Reviews and Interviews Band – Primitive Man Country of Origin – USA Venue – New Dodge Lounge Date – October 29th, 2017 I kind of like this ‘Five Things’ format for review a live show. It helps me...

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Hollow World – Exanimate

The quintet as a whole has taken the five pieces to really compose an album, where other bands play different instruments, or even just play songs. Exanimate is one of those pieces of artwork where the whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.

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