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Arduini/Balich – Dawn of Ages

The album delivers torrents of guitars, deluge after deluge of roar and wail, with riffs that are more often engaging and accessible than dizzying and speed-driven.

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Fen – Winter

My favorite albums are ones that present a cohesive vision and Fen have certainly delivered this in spades.

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Black Anvil – As Was

With their fourth full length release As Was, Black Anvil is fast becoming the US answer to Enslaved (as a huge fan of the latter, this is not a comparison I make lightly).

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Obituary – Obituary

Long-time Obituary fans will be very happy with the variety on the album and it may even be enough to win back some fans that left them for dead.

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Behind the Sun – Post Solis

North Carolina’s Behind the Sun deliver a blistering five songs full of the heavy riffs, rhythmic shifts, and choral ensembles of growl not unknown in the prog side of death metal.

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Dakhma – Suna Kulto

What the band certainly is not, is soft. They have all the intensity of a fully loaded freight train bearing down on you.

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Temptation’s Wings – Skulthor Ebonblade

This epic, doomy, thrashy, stonery, and very Viking sounding band picks up the pace at points on this one. Right off the bat, this album sends you back in time to the battlegrounds, almost inducing marching and preparing you for this epic tale.

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