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Cloud Rat/Crevasse Split

This split release is another cog in the essential Cloud Rat machine. The Crevasse side is a revelation. The band has gained a new fan.

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Tuesday The Sky – Drift

Matheos sought to expand on the artistic direction of more understated and atmospheric music once recorded for a Fates Warning album but deemed incompatible with the band’s heavier, more aggressive approach.

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Ecstatic Vision – Raw Rock Fury

On their Bandcamp site, Ecstatic Vision says that their sound is 35+ minutes of the dirtiest sounding recordings since Kick Out the Jams. I agree with this statement if full.

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White Willow – Future Hopes

Nevertheless, there is plenty of ear candy here by which to be thoroughly engaged and awestruck. Certainly, the band’s likely influences are evident– Pink Floyd-ish guitar work here, mid 70s Genesis-esque keyboards there– but the band offers up a very modern sound, using elements of traditional prog but eschewing the technical fireworks and endless solos for the sake of emphasizing atmospherics and soundscapes.

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Caina/Cara Neir – Split

Caina, initially a one man project, now a two man project, and Cara Neir, a two man both play styles of extreme music which are hard to pigeon hole. As this split clearly shows, it doesn’t matter in terms of quality.

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Herem – III

What separates Herem from the others is Valendis Suomalainen. Her haunting growls make the skin crawl like worms and beetles devouring a graveyard corpse.

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Logic of Denial – Aftermath

Complex and technical guitar lines led by absolutely insane drum tracks that are almost impossible to predict. Guttural, venomous vocals set the pace for the real brutality this album has to offer.

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Novembers Doom – Hamartia

Right from the beginning, there’s absolutely no mistake that this is November’s Doom. It has the same Dark and Doomy feel. Exactly what you’re expecting.

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