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11 Reasons Heavy Metal IS Art

As ArtPrize takes over Grand Rapids and scads of wandering people stare at paintings of Jesus and sculptures of pigs, my mind goes to heavy metal music. I think of it as art that’s worthy of ogling.  However, a lot of people don’t understand that. So, I consulted with...

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More Local Bands You Should Hear

Do ya dig local metal? Here is some required listening. For information on these, and other bands, check out Blackgate: Power thrash-tastic-ness from Grand Rapids, Blackgate is anchored on bass by Zach Flora (Flood the Desert) and drums by Ryan...

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Summer Mandatory Metal

With the summer festival season upon us, concert-goers get fewer tours through Michigan, but here are some of the upcoming highlights. Find the entire list July 12 Tru-Burn, 6 Prong Paw and more @Louie’s Rocket Lounge (Grand Rapids) Tru-Burn...

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The Internet Killed Metal and Other Sob Stories: Pt 2

Last month I began looking at how the internet changed metal – not killed it – in a comparison of metal before and after the internet. Here are some thoughts about the Internet’s role in modern metal, along with input from fellow metalheads. A New Level With all of...

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The Internet Killed Metal and Other Sob Stories

“The Internet has killed metal, it’s just not the same anymore,” and other such whining has spewed out the mouths of some my fellow metal heads lately. It made me think about all the reasons I believe they were wrong. Lucky for me I have this column, and a ton of...

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Shows and Shows and More Shows, OH MY!

Let’s take a trip down the black brick road and look at the awesome shows coming to the area during the next couple of months. I’ll give you the info for the shows, and a run down on what the bands are like. March 3 at The Stache inside The Intersection [GR] $15 /...

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Monday Heavy Metal Minute 2.10.14

Monday Heavy Metal Minute… HEAVYWEIGHTS EDITION Special Announcement: Carnival of Chaos is BACK in June 2014! Tickets are already on sale for a full weekend of camping and live music in Stanton, MI. MPN will bring you full details as they are announced. Teaser: Wayne...

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Monday Heavy Metal Minute 1.27.14

Monday Heavy Metal Minute... SNOWMAGEDDON EDITION Notable in the News:  How pissed off are you that Jeff Hanneman was absent from the "In Memoriam" on last night's Grammy Awards? According to pretty much every metal website, Facebook and Twitter, I'd say pissed off is...

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Heavyweight Bands 2014 – The Best of Local Metal

The best local West Michigan bands are out to rock your world, and hopefully get your vote during the Heavyweights at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. The preliminary rounds are Jan. 18, 24 and Feb. 1, with the finals will on Feb. 14.

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