False – Hunger EP

Band – False

Album – Hunger EP

Country of Origin – USA

Genre – Black Metal

Release Date – June 28th, 2017

Label – Gilead Media

Author – Hayduke X

False is one of those stellar US black metal bands that have come to take past work from other parts of the world and redefine it in their own way. One can hear, for example, the high regard the band holds for Emperor, I decision I don’t question at all. They are far from being an Emperor clone, however, but rather sorcerers of deep magick in their own right, conjuring spells of submission and destruction, empowerment and pain. They are also known as a ‘long song’ band, with most of their tracks over the past several years running into the double digits with ease. For this release, they had to pare that style down to two tracks, each less than five minutes long. To me, this seems a daunting task, but for them, the result allows me to believe it was easy.

The Hunger EP is the beating heart of False. They have taken the fiery magick of their past work, and stripped it of its flesh and skeleton, leaving only the essential organ bare for all to see. The two tracks herein lose nothing from being so short. Rather, they are two of the most passionate tracks the six-piece from Minnesota have ever written. Fierce in a way that they haven’t been before, Anhedonia and Hunger don’t feel particularly short until you realize that the 7″ is over already. They are full and passionate as ever, just distilled down into their purest form. Here’s hoping that there is more of this in the future mix, but that False also continues to write long songs.

Recommendation:  Need you ask? False is essential.

Rating:  5/5