About MoshPitNation

Local metal love Mosh Pit NationMoshPitNation connects metalheads, metal bands and metal venues in West & East Michigan.

We’re just metalheads, doing our best to bring local headbangers together so everyone gets more of music they love.  It’s not a corporation or some big greedy machine. MoshPitNation is people who love metal and want to make their local metal scene better by actually DOING something about it.

One Saturday night in December 2010 I spent an hour trying to find some live metal at a local bar, checking a gazillion band and venue websites only to find there was nothing going on.

I was pissed.

MoshPitNation Metalheads MoshPitNation.com

I grabbed my friend Paul and headed to the corner bar, and started drinking heavily to drown out the Journey cover band. But before it got too bad, I had an idea.

I already spend a ton of time checking all the band and venue calendars, why couldn’t I just put it all in one place?

MoshPitNation.com was born and the boot kicked it’s way into metal world.

Our goal is to connect metal fans and metal bands and the whole metal scene… so everyone has more time to party… with killer music.

Horns High \m/



MoshPitNation Family

Paul Utcai
Originator of the boot and a million ideas about how this can all happen
Unending patience with buying tshirts so Jen can just give them away

Kelly and Melissa Mellberg
Supporters since the beginning… in so many ways \m/

Eric Kelch
Muskegon Shows

Ben Boggs
Kalamazoo Shows

Adam Ray & Jim Albrecht
Lansing Shows

Damage Adams
Detroit Shows

Brandt Lapourte
Flint/Saginaw Shows

Keshia Driscoll

Jon Beatty

Gizzie Gulch 
Merch & Fests

Ali Willis 
Shows & Fests

Zach Weiss & Chase Ramirez

Aaron Wilson
East MI Shows & Tickets

Clint Franklin
Battle Creek & Jackson shows

Dave ThatOneGuy
Muskegon street team

Will Worden
Flint street team

Mike ‘Ned’ Nedwick

And SO MANY of you who help out at shows and by spreading the word about MoshPitNation!!